MyStorm Setup

Dan Gorringe

The MyStorm Board


Installing the tools

The instructions are all online:

Note that the tools work fine on RaspberryPi.

Cloning the code from GitHub

You will want to access four repositories:

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Your first design (Mac/Linux)

Completed examples are in the cheat_sheet directory. We'll build the very simplest of these to drive the red LED on the board. First change into the directory with the completed examples:

cd chiphack/cheat_sheet

Then make the LED example:

make led

This will synthesize the code in led/led.v to a bitstream in chip.bin.

Your first design (Windows)

From cheat_sheet, change to the led directory and copy in the parent PCF file:

cd led
copy ..\blackice.pcf .

Then synthesize the LED example with apio:

apio build --size 8k --type hx --pack tq144:4k

This will synthesize the code in led.v to a bitstream in hardware.bin.

Uploading your design (Mac/Linux)

For Linux:

make SERIAL=/dev/ttyACM0 upload-linux

For Mac:

make SERIAL=/dev/cu.usbmodem1421 upload-linux

You may need to use a different value for SERIAL depending on your machine.

Uploading your design (Windows) (1)

Make sure you know which COM port you device is connected to by checking under `Ports (COM & LPT)` in Device Manager. If in doubt unplug and plug in the device to make sure.

Start up teraterm

Uploading your design (Windows) (2)

Note. If you experience very slow download rates, unplug the device from your computer. Then plug it in again and re-check all settings above.

Your first design