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ChipHack Installation guide for Windows

The following steps are for installing software on windows 10 and cover the installation of APIO, required to compile programs for the myStorm board.

Downloading and installing Python

From the official python website download and install Python2.7

Then add to your path. With the default install locations open a command line and type:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Lib;C:\Python27\DLLs;C:\Python27\Scripts

Downloading and installing APIO

In a command line:

pip install apio

Then to download all the apio packages:

apio install -a

Downloading the resources for ChipHack

This is done by downloading the Chiphack repository on github

Uploading to the myStorm Board

To upload to the board we shall be using tera term, which you need to download.

Testing compilation

To test that the tools have been installed properly

From inside the /chiphack/pretty_colours/ folder in a command line:

apio build --size 8k --type hx --pack tq144:4k


If you encounter issues you can discuss on the ChipHack Google Group or ChipHack 2017 Slack team.