MyStorm Setup

Dan Gorringe

The MyStorm Board


Cloning the code from GitHub

You will want to access four repositories:

  • The simple examples used on day 1
  • Hatim Kanchwala’s EDSAC code
  • The reimagined EDSAC peripherals
  • The MyStorm board design
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Your first design (Mac/Linux)

Completed examples are in the cheat_sheet directory. We’ll build the very simplest of these to drive the red LED on the board. First change into the directory with the completed examples:

cd chiphack/cheat_sheet

Then make the LED example:

make led

This will synthesize the code in led/led.v to a bitstream in chip.bin.

Your first design (Windows)

From cheat_sheet, change to the led directory and copy in the parent PCF file:

cd led
copy ..\blackice.pcf .

Then synthesize the LED example with apio:

apio build --size 8k --type hx --pack tq144:4k

This will synthesize the code in led.v to a bitstream in hardware.bin.

Uploading your design (Mac/Linux)

For Linux:

make SERIAL=/dev/ttyACM0 upload-linux

For Mac:

make SERIAL=/dev/cu.usbmodem1421 upload-linux

You may need to use a different value for SERIAL depending on your machine.

Uploading your design (Windows) (1)

Make sure you know which COM port you device is connected to by checking under `Ports (COM & LPT)` in Device Manager. If in doubt unplug and plug in the device to make sure.

Start up teraterm

Uploading your design (Windows) (2)

  • Select the Serial option and the COM port of your device, then go to the Setup > Serial port... menu item
  • Delete the Baud rate option
  • Set data as 8 bit, no parity, 1 bit stop and no flow control.
  • Ensure new lines are correctly set up by going to Setup > Terminal... menu item and set Receive to AUTO
  • Then select the File > Send file... menu item and navigate to directory containing hardware.bin
  • Tick the Binary option box and open

Note. If you experience very slow download rates, unplug the device from your computer. Then plug it in again and re-check all settings above.

Your first design